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Macquarie Engineering and Technical Services


Macquarie Engineering & Technical Services (METS) staff members are multi-skilled and capable of applying a variety of processes to each project. As well as the core competencies there are many other areas of expertise. Included in our facilities is a machine shop, welding shop, sheet metal shop, woodwork shop, painting booth, engraving and signage shop and electronics workshop.

Every task that METS undertakes is tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Some clients require METS to perform all aspects of the project from conceptual sketch through to finished article, testing and refinement. Others have clearly defined needs and choose to use the skilled manufacture and fabrication services of METS. Our extensive corporate knowledge is often able to help clients with additional aspects of the project by drawing upon past experience. METS looks after our customers commercial and intellectual rights with the highest levels of protection.

Macquarie Engineering & Technical Services offers a range of services ranging from design and prototype through to manufacture and repair of equipment:

Mechanical services include design, fabrication, machining, welding, engraving, signage, and tool and instrument making and servicing. A wide range of computer controlled CNC machines including machining centres, mills, lathes, routers, laser engraver and vinyl cutter are employed for machining and engraving services. Materials include metals, plastics and timber-related products. Engraving and signage services include laser cut components, equipment panels, staff lapel badges, door directory and mailbox signs, campus directory signs, boards, flag signs and large banners.

Electronics services include circuit design, printed circuit board (PCB) design, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacture (using a CNC milling machine), component sourcing, circuits assembly, equipment manufacture, systems integration and repair of electronic and electrical scientific and laboratory equipment.