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Macquarie Engineering and Technical Services

Electronic Services

METS electronic services include:

Circuit Design

METS engineering staff are able to custom design analog and digital electronic circuits to suit your requirements when no existing designs are suitable.

PCB Design

Once we have a circuit design (whether designed by METS or provided by the client), we design a printed circuit board (PCB). METS uses the "PROTEL" CAD package to design its boards. Circuit designs supplied by the client may be anything from hand drawn sketches through to CAD schematic files.

PCB Manufacture

A computer driven board engraver (rather than a chemical etching process) is used for the manufacture of PCBs to close and repeatable tolerances. This process is geared towards prototype and low volume manufacture of single and double sided boards. When large quantities or multi-layer boards are required, METS employs the use of commercial PCB fabrication plants.

Component Sourcing

METS operates accounts with several component suppliers and is able to purchase components for clients' projects. We will also endeavour to locate specialised components not carried by the well known component suppliers. METS also stocks a range of the more common and regularly used components. Our technical library contains data on a vast number of components, particularly semiconductors.

Circuits Assembly

METS electronics staff are trained in both traditional through-hole as well as surface mount assembly techniques. We can "populate" PCBs with components supplied by the client or us.

Equipment Manufacture & Systems Integration

Often, the design, construction and test of an electronic circuit is only a single component of a bigger project. The circuit may need to be wired and housed into a suitable enclosure or integrated with other circuits or equipment. Liaison with the Mechanical Workshop might be necessary so that an appropriate mount or enclosure may be manufactured or an electro-mechanical interface may be implemented. Consultation with METS can provide solutions to your measurement or interfacing problems.

Equipment Repair

Whether commercial or in-house manufactured equipment, METS can assess the repairability of non-functioning equipment. Together with the Mechanical Workshop our repair skills include electronic, electrical, electromechanical and mechanical. We have considerable experience particularly with laboratory equipment. There is however, a limited amount that can be done for some commercial equipment without a service manual or circuit schematics. The limited availability and high cost of replacement parts may also prevent the economical repair of some items.