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Macquarie Engineering and Technical Services

Mechanical Services

METS mechanical services include:


The majority of jobs are submitted to METS in the form of conceptual ideas or even simply problems that need to be solved. METS Mechanical staff are skilled at identifying potential solutions to problems and designing appropriate hardware.


Items such as enclosures and boxes are usually best constructed by fabrication from sheet metal or plastic. METS has a full range of machinery and tooling to allow us to fabricate most items. Sheet metal guillotines and benders are complemented by plastic cutting and folding tools.



Since the majority of METS work is one-off prototype development, where time spent in programming automatic machinery would outweigh time saved during actual machining, most machining work is undertaken on manual lathes and mills. With equipment ranging from watchmaker's lathes capable of handling the most minute of components, up to heavy duty machinery for the most demanding tasks, METS is well equipped to handle virtually all machining requirements.

Computer Controlled

In addition to the use of conventional milling operations, METS utilises a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mill for complex jobs. This machine allows the milling of contours that would be either impossible or extremely time consuming to perform on a conventional mill. In addition, small batch work is possible at an economic rate, since the machine need only be programmed once for each batch.


A full range of modern welding equipment allows the joining of most metals commonly encountered. Whether stainless steel, aluminium or brass, METS equipment is equal to the task. Of course, having the equipment is no good if there's no-one to drive it! Fully ticketed welders are on METS Mechanical staff and can advise on any query a client may have.

Engraving & Signage

METS can engrave specific detail and make precise components for various Mechanical and Electronic designs, as well as produce a wide range of signage, using computer controlled laser cutter and engraving machines, or for larger tasks, the computer controlled vinyl cutter. Some examples of signs we provide include magnetic staff name badges, door names, directory board signs, banners, and window decals. See some examples here.

Tool and Instrument Making and Servicing

Trained and experienced tool and instrument makers on METS staff are able to advise on any aspect of a client's project that needs their assistance. METS has constructed many items of precision instrumentation and will almost certainly be able to assist.